It offers not only great discounts for young people across Europe, but also gives them an access to information, culture, education, careers, mobility and fun.

In only two years ESN issued 50,000 ESNcards across Europe. Your ESNcard will bring you many benefits like discounts in cinemas, pubs, clubs, restaurants, fitness clubs, taxi services, internet points and of course parties and events organized by ESN. Companies taken part in the project are carefully chosen so as the services provided by them are needed and helpful to students.

The ESNcard can be obtained exclusively from ESN local sections if you have been an exchange student (e.g. Erasmus or any other exchange programme), you are currently on exchange or you are an active member of ESN section. So if you want to have one, just tell us.

You can get one at our Office! Worth remembering is that you can use your ESNcard and expect discounts not only in Warsaw but also in other Polish and European cities while travelling.

Here you may check discounts in Warsaw:


Here you can find out more about the project: You can also treat ESNcard as a souvenir from Warsaw and ESN.

Remember that if you want to use the ESNcard you have to add your photo on a card. If you have picture, you can bring it when buying a card.

Still needs more information??

Write to our local ESNcard coordinator -